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    • by susyq918 MC abducted by accident works to endear himself to a hybrid race while trying to learn their language and keep from becoming a meal. The hybrid he was abducted with requests his presence but is denied because he is still unmated. So he begs his mated brother to buy him instead.
      Romance • Science Fiction • Scribbles • dark romance • mm
    • Story

      For Science

      by susyq918 If I could just catch a peek. Her evening run was more than just exercise, it was her meager attempt to get a good look at the Autobots. It frustrated her to no end that she was allowed to view classified images and even modify the mangled look-a-likes that the trucks brought back from fight zones, but she wasn’t allowed to see the real deal.
      Transformers • Action • Adventure • Romance • Science Fiction • Scribbles