Theron started to get an idea that something was wrong when he tried to mount the horse and couldn’t. His skin was buzzing, but his coordination was off and he felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment when even his horse snickered at his bizarre incompetency. He tried again and his muscles responded easily, but almost too quickly and he scrambled not to fall over the other side. The world spun for a moment and Theron clenched his eyes shut.

     What the fuck.

    Through a muted haze, he heard talking around him but he couldn’t make out exactly what was said. He felt himself sway slightly and clutched at the saddle.

    “Blackw—” His slurred question caught in his throat as the warrior mounted behind him. The horse shifted on its feet as clearly it was surprised as well.

    “Keep your eyes closed and lean back.” The warrior’s smooth voice so close to his ear was almost torture considering he was in unfamiliar territory. Theron shivered again, and tilted his head to the side as he tried to keep his shit together.

    As he felt them set off, he swallowed and murmured, “I don’t…feel right.”

    “Yeah.” Blackwall’s gruff reply was soft, for his ears only. “Your eyes are glowing and you’re soaked in blood. I told them what happened, but they’ve agreed… we can’t travel on any main roads until you’re clean and not high as all fuck.”


    “What?” It took two tries to get the word out, so when it came out, it was less than quiet. Theron was rewarded with a warm hand over his mouth and those lips against his ear.


    Theron moaned as another shiver wracked through him, his eyes still clenched tightly shut. He felt the vibration of the warrior’s deep chuckle behind him. Shameless.

    “Leland recognized it. Said you’re drunk on the blue. Swimmin up to your eyeballs.”

    The elf’s stomach dipped as he felt their horse carefully start to dip low and pick its way down a steep incline. “Blackw—”

    “Don’t look,” he responded calmly, the arm around his waist tightening as he gripped tighter on the saddle. “We’ve split up to put off any scouts looking for us. It won’t fool them for long, but making them divide resources to trace two sets of tracks is better than nothing… and we need to get you cleaned up.”

    Theron took a slow breath and tried not to think about how tightly he was clutching the warrior’s arm and how his skin was still buzzing like a livewire. He could still feel the scratch of Blackwall’s beard on his neck and his warm breath teasing the hair behind his ear. Might just fall off the edge of a ravine while riding double on a horse, but of course he was still hard enough to cut glass.

    He imagined his gravestone would pay hommage to his shameless dangerkink and say something like, ‘Died Doing What He Loved.’

    Thankfully, the ride seemed to even out and Theron breathed a relieved sigh when he heard the sound of rushing water. “Can I open my eyes?” He whispered.


    Theron heard the horse knicker as they came to a stop and he was further relieved to see they were near a river, but not near the waterfall. How far had they traveled? He felt Blackwall dismount and he moved to follow, but hissed when he was reminded quickly just how hard he was and how difficult that made moving. He had it on good authority that the saddles were smooth, but it was like he could feel every minute texture of the leather.

    “Easy.” Blackwall to the rescue. A quick look showed the warrior holding out a hand as if Theron were a lady needing help dismounting.

    Theron frowned, looking the man up and down even as he fought not to feel the vertigo of it. His skin still buzzed like it might take off without him.

    Blackwall looked him over, his lips pressed tightly together behind that dark beard as it became apparent that Theron was not going to accept his help.

    Theron had just a second to wonder what the warrior saw when he looked at him before his forearm was seized and he was practically jerked off the horse. His yell was cut off by strong arms catching him and an even stronger hand sealing over his mouth. “We don’t have all day, Killer. Get your clothes off and wash that bastard off of you.”

    The warrior promptly swung him to rights and let him go, giving him one more look to make sure he wasn’t going to fall on his face before digging into their packs.

    For his part, Theron stumbled to the water, barely remembering to remove his shoes—and even when he did, he fell over while trying to toe them off—before sloshing into the water and scrubbing at his face. The night still felt…surreal, but the water proved an adequate distraction. Where he’d felt almost disgustingly weightless before, he was more than grounded now. The water damn near gripped him. Perhaps felt at times like it wanted to pull him downstream, but wherever they were must be a fair distance from the waterfall because it was a gentle pull… that did nothing to ease his arousal.

    “Fucking hell. Boy, I said get out of those clothes. You’ve got a change here.”

    Theron swallowed, buying time by pulling his shirt off first and using it to scrub at his neck.

    “Here.” Theron’s shirt was pulled out of his hands and a bar of—was this soap?—was placed in them instead before Blackwall walked a little farther down river and started stripping himself.

    He wasted no time. The lather left something to be desired, but he knew it was doing a damn good job at exfoliating when his skin stung. But Theron struggled with his hair. He really needed more of a lather to get the blood out of his almost white blond hair.

    “Kneel.” Theron gasped as he felt a hand thread into his hair and tug downward. His cock pulsed and his cheeks flushed because… yeah, he was shameless on a good day when he was in the mood to flirt, but tonight was on another level and he just felt so vulnerable. Something that only got worse when he found himself kneeling in the stream with Blackwall spitting out commands that just went straight to his dick and—he glanced behind him and choked—yep, a fucking naked Blackwall with his dick at eye level. 

    “What the fuck, B.”

    “You got some kind of special prayer to get blood out of your hair?”


    “Then shut up and lean your head back. We don’t have time for this.” With a rough tug, the warrior dunked Theron’s hair into the water and started threading through it far more gently than his hurried words suggested.

    Theron bit back a moan, arched backwards like he was, he struggled to stay balanced and keep his arousal under the water. Clearly, his state wasn’t a secret but please god if he could just save a little face, that would be great.

    “Your eyes are still glowing.”

    Theron clenched his eyes shut as another shiver slid over him as Blackwall tugged him back to dip his hair again. “Sorry.”

    “Five minutes.”

    “Pardon?” He opened his eyes, gazing up and gritting his teeth as he avoided looking below the warrior’s waist.

    “You got five minutes to deal with that.” The warrior jerked his chin, indicating Theron’s not-so-secret arousal. “The templar said it might happen. Some side effect.”

    The words ‘deal with that’ processed first and then side effect and zooming in last place was five minutes. Was that possible? Under normal circumstances, sure. Circumstances that involved laying in bed in total relaxation after reading smut for a few hours. Circumstances that didn’t involve new equipment, oversensitized skin, and Blackwall within earshot.

    Was it possible right now? He didn’t know. Blackwall had released his hair and a quick glance showed the warrior turned away and taking care of his own bathing.

    Thank god.

    Theron worked on removing his pants, huffing a bit as he had to peel them off. They made a wet slap on the rocks as he threw them to the shore and dipped both hands to cup himself, suddenly weary that there were fish in the river. Did no one else worry about that?

    “Four minutes.”

    “Fuck.” He bit back a whine, wondering how everything had gotten so out of control. Was it just two days ago that he’d been taunting Solas with his superficial knowledge of the ancient elves and feeding magic to his favorite people? Fuck. Who was going to provide Varric with snacks now? The dwarf was always cracking jokes and trying to keep things light, but there was a definite pep in his step when he wasn’t operating on an empty stomach.

    And Bull… even if he were optimistic about how long it would take to convince Liliana or Cullen that he wasn’t a danger to the Inquisition, the qunari would have probably fucked his way through the chantry by then. There’s no way he’d still be thinking of that one time he gave a handjob to a needy elf.

    “Three minutes… boy, are you even trying?”

    “Sorry. Yeah…just a minute,” he muttered and huffed because…yeah. He was still hard and that was not normal. Not while he was struggling not to spiral.

    Theron took a slow breath and wrapped a hand around himself, his lips pressing together as he felt the pressure and confirmed that as he squeezed it, it felt good. But as soon as he tried to stroke it, he swallowed a frustrated noise that threatened to escape. How did it feel worse when he stroked it? Wasn’t that how it was done? What the fuck else was he supposed to do with it?

    “Two minutes.” Blackwall’s gruff reminder that he was on a timer was not helping.

    “Fuck, Blackwall… do you mind?

    “Clearly not and neither do you. I should be hearing some kind of rhythmic noises and so far you’re just squirming around like a fucking debutant at a ball. Get the fuck on with it. I’m not looking.”

    “But you’re listening.”

    “And you were watching me at the lake, so what. You’re not shy, so what the fuck is going on with you?”

    Theron flushed and flung his hand away, the motion making more noise than he’d intended and making him wish he could just drown. “I can’t do this. It’s not working.”

    “You’re being ridiculous.”

    Theron startled as he heard the warrior splashing toward him. Instinct told him to run, but as soon as he moved his body swayed, the current pulling harder as if trying to yank him off his feet. He almost toppled if not for the thick arms that wrapped around his waist and pulled him back against a muscled form. Like a fucking lumberjack. “W..What are you doing?”

    “What I’ve been doing since I fucking met you. Compromising my morals,” he said gruffly, resting his chin on Theron’s shoulder quietly.

    Theron felt the silence and though he tilted his head away to try to hide his flushed skin, he could feel the warrior assessing him.

    “You were on a hair trigger when we arrived… what changed?”

    Theron swallowed, shivering as he felt the warrior’s calloused hand trace down his stomach and skirt by his cock, following his hip until it was passed and then gripping his inner thigh firmly. “I..I’m hard, but it almost hurts when I…”

    After another moment of silence, Blackwall used the grip on him to tug him toward the shore… just enough to expose his swollen member, red from either being hard so long or from his fumbled attempts at jerking off. “Water makes poor slick, boy.”

    “O..okay,” Theron muttered, still ten shades of red as he reached for himself. He was so hard that it hurt, but it did feel better out of the water even if he still felt a long way from releasing.

    “For fuck’s sake… have you never wanked before?”

    Blackwall,” he whined, letting go of himself again and actively trying to extract himself from the warrior’s arms. “I don’t have a humiliation kink, so if you’re not going to help, please…please, shut the fuck up.”

    “I’m not…fuck. Well have you?”

    Blackwall’s arms tightened and his grip on Theron’s thigh inched upward, grazing his balls and making the elf choke on his answer. “N-No, b-but it’s… it’s fucking complicated, alright?”

    “We don’t have time for this…” The words were whispered under the warrior’s breath and Theron would have just demanded that they move the fuck on and he’d just go blindfolded and pretend he was a blind elf, except he was unable to do anything but moan when he felt a warm hand circle his cock and a thumb squeeze his tip. “You gotta go by feel. Sometimes even a little spit will do the job, but you leak so much… you just gotta coat your hand…”

    Theron shivered as he sank into the low vibration of the man’s voice and the tight grip around him. A gasp escaped when he felt that grip tighten and shift, the now slick glide across those callouses enough to make his balls tighten and his toes curl.

    “…and stroke. Follow what feels good. Close your eyes and think of what gets you going.”

    Theron whined again, unable to control the tremble of his thighs as his knees threatened to buckle when he felt something press along his crease. There was no doubt what it was, but the knowledge that Blackwall was aroused enough that he left a slick trail behind was on another level.

    “What are you thinking of right now?” Blackwall’s voice was haggard and his breath unsteady, but he punctuated the question with another slow stroke of his hand matched only by the persistent press of his cock between Theron’s cheeks.

    The elf turned his head, burying his nose in the curve of the warrior’s neck and breathing him in, hard. One thing on his mind and one thing only. “You… just you. Fuck me. Please.”

    The warrior growled and tightened his hold, the arm around Theron’s waist moving to grip his neck and his hand stayed steady. Rhythmic and almost too fucking slow, but his slick thrusts between the elf’s cheeks slowed in a way that made Theron’s attention hone in and fixate.

    His balls were tight and as he felt the grip on his neck tighten, he struggled to take in a deep breath. Just as he realized he couldn’t, he felt the warrior’s thick head nudge his entrance and press…and just like that, he was lost.