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    Morning came quickly, and when it did, Theron wasn’t ready. Watching Solas in his element felt so… familiar. Comfortable in a way that should make him uncomfortable, but in this impossible world of possibilities, it was a relief. The wolf’s voice was measured, lyrical, and oh-so-easy to sink into.

    So when a haggard-looking Cassandra threw open her tent flap, Theron was more than a little disappointed. Especially when Solas stood and moved away to wake Bull and gather his things, the eager look gone from his face as if it had never been there. Theron stood as well, dipping into his tent to wake Varric.

    “Varric,” he said softly, kneeling to roll his pack up.

    The dwarf grunted and shifted under his blanket but didn’t wake up.

    “Vaaarriiic…” he whispered, crawling over to the gorgeous-and-devastatingly-shirtless-under-that-blanket storyteller. Again, how could traveling among legends be anything but a dream? “It’s time to wake up, buddy.”

    Another grunt came from the blanket, followed by a slurred, “Bianca’s gonna kick yer ass, Killer. Why’d you kiss me?”


    He would have remembered that even if he hadn’t been on watch with Solas all night. “I can promise you with absolute certainty that I did not kiss you, buddy. I was with Solas all night.”

    The blanket came down abruptly—making Theron jerk back onto his heels—to reveal bedhead Varric and accusing eyes. “You’re taking the piss.”

    Theron tilted his head, reaching out a hand to finger one of the wild tufts of hair sticking out of the dwarf’s ponytail and his hand was bat away. “I’m not. Seriously. If I kissed you, Varric, I wouldn’t wait to do it while you’re sleeping like it’s something to hide. Plus, I’m more than aware that you’re unavailable.”

    The dwarf frowned, reaching back to remove his hair binder and work at untangling it himself. “We’ve never talked about that.”

    “We don’t have to. You project, ‘Don’t you dare fall in love with me,’ and ‘it’s complicated’ everytime someone smiles at you.”

    He still looked a little dazed, but at least he moved to pull on his shirt and start rolling up his own bedroll. It was enough to remind Theron to get back to his own possessions.

    “It IS complicated.”

    “I know, Varric.”

    “Do you?” the dwarf asked carefully, eyes averted as he tied up his roll.

    “Enough that we don’t have to talk about it unless you want to.”

    A grunt was all the response he got until they both hauled their things out of the tent. Stepping out of the tent, Bull was busy dousing the campfire; his and Solas’s tent already packed away. Theron glanced around, trying to be casual as he looked for Solas but that was abandoned when he saw the wolf and Elana just outside of camp talking.

    Maybe not just talking. Solas cupped both of her elbows and her hands rested rather comfortably on his shoulders. Coupled with the sweet smile on her lips and the warmth in his eyes, the wolf had taken his advice to heart. Rather fucking quickly, apparently.

    What the fuck did I do?

    The right thing, that’s what. He wanted Elana to be treated better, didn’t he? Wanted to change things for the better. He’d chosen his form to eliminate the possibility of romance with Solas. Maybe he’d told himself that he did it to antagonize the wolf, but he was rapidly realizing that he might have done it to cock block himself, too. And it was working. Spectacularly.

    “Hey. Theron.”

    Bull’s deep voice brought a shiver down his spine, but it was still hard to pull his gaze away from the couple. “Hey Bull.”

    “You got a minute? I need your help with somethin’.” He motioned into the forest in the opposite direction of the couple and Theron was grateful.

    “I… yeah, let me—”

    “I got this, Killer.” Varric motioned for him to go, careful not to look away from his task in a way that was just… so Varric. Always reading the room and smoothing feathers even when he was obviously out of sorts this morning.

    Theron nodded and held his sigh of relief until both he and Bull were a few yards into the forest away from camp. He tried to let it out slowly, but when he felt the warm hand on the back of his neck, it just wooshed out.

    “Rough night, yeah?”

    And rough morning, apparently.

    “Yeah,” he murmured, not even watching where they were going. It didn’t matter. God, I’m such a fucking diva. Living a life that I had only ever dreamed of and I’m pouting because things went my way.

    “So I take it you two didn’t fuck it out last night.”

    That broke Theron out of his thoughts. “What? No. He’s not…”

    Bull’s low vibrating hum suggested he didn’t quite agree. “But his humble apostate act gets you going, doesn’t it? Things sounded awfully tense last night. You sure you don’t need a little help relaxing?”


    “What?” Theron stopped, looking up for the first time since they’d set out and caught the qunari’s slow grin. He glanced around, noting the campsite wasn’t in view anymore. His attention snapped to Bull again as the warrior stepped closer. “What are you doing?” he asked, stepping back and hitting a tree again. Fuck, it’s like this whole forest is against me.

    He moved to slide around the trunk, but was stopped by a thick gray hand resting on the wood next to his head. His spine tingled as he considered dipping down and escaping, but he wasn’t afraid. This was Iron Bull. Maybe not his Iron Bull, but it wasn’t danger making him nervous.

    “I’m gonna need a safe word, Theron.”

    “Destiny.” No hesitation. Great job, Theron.

    Bull tilted his head and Theron opened his mouth to explain, but sucked in a breath instead. He caught the glint in the qunari’s eye and his mouth went dry as he felt a large hand cup him through his pants. Yeah…of course he was already hard. Every time Bull spoke, it teased at his ears and the damn thing just had a hair trigger.

    Theron’s eyes fluttered closed and his cheeks flushed at the sound that was pulled from his throat when the Iron Bull’s thumb brushed across the underside of his cock. The digit traced the curve of his head through the fabric that suddenly seemed too coarse against the newly swollen flesh.

    It was… so hard to think. He’d had this body for months before the conclave, but he still hadn’t… done this. Not with Niall waiting for him every night in the fade and watching him while he was out. Making jokes about hugs and handjobs was far different than actually wanking away while an ancient being watched and judged him. Talk about performance issues.

    But now Bull was…fuck. He gasped when that large hand dipped into the rim of his pants and wrapped around him. “Bull…” he managed, reaching to halt the qunari’s hand but helplessly gripping his wrist instead. “You don’t want to do this.” Dorian.

    “I beg to differ.”

    His breath was warm against Theron’s neck, making him shiver again. God his ears were sensitive, Bull wasn’t even touching them. Dorian. “You don’t understand. There’s someone…”

    “You got someone waiting for you?” Bull pulled back and those eyes seemed to peer into Theron’s soul.”

    “For you,” he breathed.

    “I wait for no one.”

    His grip shifted and Theron hissed, leaning forward to rest his head on the qunari’s chest. With each stroke, Theron felt his world shift and pleasure coil in his balls. Each breath seemed to end in a wet gasp and he didn’t even realize when he’d hooked the hand not holding onto Bull’s wrist in the qunari’s harness. He held it in a death grip. “B…but…”

    “Theron…” Bull spoke his name under his breath. Soft enough that Theron wasn’t sure it was voluntary until he continued. “…tilt your head to the left… slowly.”

    The qunari’s strokes were relentless and pleasure kept coming like a rising tide. Bull’s harness creaked as Theron held tighter, his mouth open as he struggled to take in enough air to get him through the curl that started in his toes and the wave of pleasure that threatened to take him right over. It wasn’t until Bull’s grip tightened and slowed that Theron managed to turn his head and open his eyes.

    Solas. He was standing a few yards away, his eyes narrowed in judgement.

    “Fuck—” The rest of his words were lost as Bull twisted his grip and his vision went white as the waves took him under.