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    Definition: Future stories and teasers. This category is members-only.

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    • by susyq918 MC abducted by accident works to endear himself to a hybrid race while trying to learn their language and keep from becoming a meal. The hybrid he was abducted with requests his presence but is denied because he is still unmated. So he begs his mated brother to buy him instead.
      Romance • Science Fiction • Scribbles • dark romance • mm
    • by susyq918 It was a piss green peridot with two inlaid cubic zirconia attached to a size 7 band. I wear a size 9, but it might fit my pinky. Since I pulled it off a finger buried under twelve inches of Paco Taco scraps, I had no illusions that the glimmering gems were real. No killer worth his salt would leave anything valuable on a stiff. It may have been cheap, but it sure cleaned up nice.
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      For Science

      by susyq918 If I could just catch a peek. Her evening run was more than just exercise, it was her meager attempt to get a good look at the Autobots. It frustrated her to no end that she was allowed to view classified images and even modify the mangled look-a-likes that the trucks brought back from fight zones, but she wasn’t allowed to see the real deal.
      Transformers • Action • Adventure • Romance • Science Fiction • Scribbles
    • by susyq918 I just knew in the way that I knew many things, an intuition passed from my mother and mother’s mother, that he’d always had enough of people talking at him. Desperate for his affection. So was I. But my love was born in silence.
      Grimdark • Romance • Scribbles • dark romance • mf